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botanical tinctures, mists & Powders

The botanical world is full of powerful stuff. 

Using a little scientific help we’ve channelled nature's magic to create a unique range of boosting botanical tinctures, food supplement powders and sensory facial mists.

Each botanical blend is hand-mixed in small batches using traditional methods with 100% natural herbs, plants and flowers.

With a sprinkling of plant power, each boosting blend has been formulated to help balance, uplift and strengthen the mind, body and soul.

Herbal tinctures are an easy, traditional way to help supplement, balance and support your wellbeing.
Our tinctures have been formulated as a little helping boosters to use as and when you need them.
Each tincture is a blend of six different botanical extracts which have been traditionally used for hundreds of years.
Our ready-blended, balanced formulas are simple to use and immediately effective.
Take 1/2 a pipette up to three times a day directly under the tongue or add to liquid.
There are 45 servings in each 30ml bottle.

Our mists are designed to instantly balance, soothe and uplift.
We make our own flower waters then add our own balanced blend of essential oils without adding any artificial ingredients, fillers or preservatives.
A sensory, calming sensation, the mists are best used when spritzed, then breathe in and out deeply and let the aromatherapy coolness wash over you.
Our facial mists can also be used as pillow sprays, making our Sleep Easy mist ideal for settling sleeping children. 
The mists come in 50ml glass bottle, making them ideal for use-on-the-go.

Our organic boosting powder blends are formulated to help balance and strengthen you from the inside out.
Uniquely created individually for women and men, these daily food supplements are a mix of 15 different nourishing botanicals.
Formulated by a medical herbalist, you can trust that in one teaspoon of each blend, you are receiving the correct amount of herbal goodness each day.  So you can throwaway all those individual packets of powdered superfoods cluttering up your cupboard!  We have blended them for you.
100% organic and natural, we do not add any extra vitamins or minerals to our blends - all supplement power comes directly from these amazing plants.
We recommend you take this boosting blend daily. 
Add into your smoothie, sprinkle onto your yoghurt or salad or create a warming latte.  Use 1 heaped teaspoon (5g) per serving.  There are up to 24 serving per 120g jar.

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100% Natural herbal ingredients

we carefully source our botanicals from sustainable, mindful suppliers then hand blend them with love